Gratitude or thankfulness is an
attitude, it is not necessarily triggered by something or someone, it happens
where a person has made a conscious effort to develop a thankful heart. A
grateful heart is not necessarily affected by an untoward conduct from someone
else or an unpleasant situation, such person simply chooses to recognize the
blessings he has than the actions or disappointments from other people or situations.

Learn to be thankful for the
little things you have, for your loved ones, good health, business, career
e.t.c. Recognizing these blessings in your lowest moment when everything seems
not to be working may give you all the energy you need to pull yourself out of
a depressed state. People draw inspirations from different situations to effect
a desired outcome, others also allow a past failure to determine how they react
to future conducts. I believe that the overall aim of man is to be happy and to
live a good life, be it in the pursuit of career, money, social changes, charity
etc. To be happy you need to constantly look at the factors you consider of
utmost importance in life to win in them. Your inability to win in anyone of
them is what often leads to unfulfillment, it is this unfulfillment that
encourages some to keep trying hard, to keep working at their goals until they fulfill their heart desires.

Whilst pursuing all these factors
we consider important, let’s learn not to overlook the place of thankfulness. Be
grateful once you reach your desired goal in life, even when you have not been
able to fulfill all your set task or some of the factors you consider
important, remember your past wins or little mercies and be thankful for them.

It is a new week, it is time to
go easy on yourself, go through your archives, be thankful for your past wins,
check up on your loved ones, and continue working on your set goals this time
with a better attitude.

Have a fulfilling week!

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