What do you see?

What do you see when you think of
your future? Do you have that assurance that all will be well or are you a bit
unsure of what the future may hold? The latter is the feeling most people have
about their future not because they are not working hard to achieve the type of
future they want, but rather they feel the world is too uncertain to believe
your good efforts will produce what you desire.

Your feelings about your future
are valid, but do not be pessimistic about it, do your best, sow your seeds,
one day (even if not all, some of) those seeds will germinate. We should be
optimistic about life; pessimism does not take anybody anywhere. Good things
happen, bad things also happen, that does not mean we should rack our brain
about what bad thing may or may not happen. If the aim of thinking about what
could go wrong is to put in measures in place to take care of whatever it is that
may go wrong, then it is acceptable. But if thinking about the bad things is
just to worry about it without having measures in place to counter them, then
such is a wasted energy. Focus your energies on positives. Do your bit and hope
for the best.

Remember hoping for the best is
for people that have a plan in place and are already working towards their plan
for their future. When you do not have a plan, how do you hope for the best? It
is better to have a plan that may be slightly altered from time to time to suit
in new information and circumstances, than not to have any and simply hope for
a miracle. Our futures are mostly not determined by miracles, they are rather a
product of a deliberate plan and effort put in place by a person that desires a
certain reality.

What reality do you want to see
in your future? It is time to work for it.

Have a fulfilling week!

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