A food for thought!

Can your words be trusted? Can
people confidently vouch for you that your yes is your yes? Overtime we
interact with people in the course of business, work or through other social avenues,
the first impression you make is what most people will use to judge your character
and the kind of person you are.

Welcome to a new day and a new
week. I believe this week will be as special as you want it to be. By your
conducts today you set the tone for the week. Personally, I choose to be
deliberate about the decisions and actions I make today. For instance, I will
start be reviewing my past conducts to know whether I have faltered in anyway,
whether there are still avenues to make amends. I will try as much as possible to
interact well with others; I will try to make a good impression on those I meet
this week. Whilst trying to make a good impression on the people you meet this
week, remember to be real. In fact most intuitive people can smell fake conduct
from afar. Always be you, treat people with respect, return calls, follow up on
discussions and remember to do whatever you have committed to do. Often time,
people make promises just to get someone off their neck, this is not a good approach,
be bold to tell people what you can do and what you can’t, so you won’t be seen
as a man who does not keep to his words. Don’t be pressured to give a response
against your belief, don’t say “Oh, I can always change my mind”. It is better to
state from the onset what you want and if it’s a situation where you don’t have the full facts, resist the urge to make a conclusion. You can defer your decision
to a more appropriate time, this way you maintain your integrity and people
will hold on strongly to any words you say.

Start this week introspectively
and take deliberate steps to get the results you desire!

Have a fruitful week.   

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