Try Again

The path to greatness is often
filled with difficulties, uncertainties, doubts and at times repeated errors. It’s
not easy to make decisions, plans and carry them through without encountering hitches
on the way. Some may be lucky to have a smooth ride to success, but most
success stories are always characterized by the same things, eg failures along the
way, disappointments at certain quarters etc. We eventually hear the stories of
the ones that surpassed all these difficulties to achieve their dreams.

Are you still pursuing your
dream, or have you given up because it has gotten too hard to continue? Have you
experienced more closed doors than open doors? If yes, hang in there, don’t
throw in the towel yet! Success comes only to those that wait out their season.
By season, I mean both the good and bad times, the difficulties and
uncertainties of waiting for a positive feedback to your proposal, work etc.
While you work hard and ensure that all possible future negative occurrences
are avoided, also prepare for the inevitable. That your wonderful proposal may
just be thrown away for being too idealistic, or not just good enough. Those
are your bad seasons, wait it out, give it another try, I assure you something
will eventually turn out well, it can only take time, but surely something will
turn out well if you persist.

We are fully in the second half
of the year, many people have already given up on their goals, it may be long
term or short term, whatever that may be, it is a good day to go back to the drawing
board and find out why you gave up earlier. Could it be that what you needed
and still need is a little doggedness? Do you still have that burning in your
heart to carry on the work that needs to be done, if it is still there, go back
and reclaim your dreams.

Have a fruitful week! 

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