Be a helper

We rise by lifting others. I know
many of us have heard this sentence countless times. I do not know whether
everyone really understands the true meaning of this sentence. You can only
lift others if you have the capacity to lift yourself. In other words, you
cannot give what you do not have; can a depressed, person be in a good position
to counsel someone with a similar problem? I doubt that is possible, but I am
sure that someone who has battled and overcome depression can do a good job of
helping someone in a similar situation. I know that we should strive at every
point in time to be the best versions of ourselves, it is only in doing so that
we can be in a good place to lift others up.

Lifting others up, does not
necessarily mean you have to offer one financial benefit or the other to
someone when you cannot afford it; simple things like giving out information
about opportunities to others, rendering advice to a junior colleague about
mistakes to avoid and what to look out for as a starter, helping out people
without expecting anything in return etc. can make a great deal of difference
in the recipient’s life. Talk to someone about what you think they should do
about a situation you are aware of, especially where the person seeks opinion
from you, do not wait for them to “fail” before you tell them what they should
and shouldn’t have done.

To lift someone up, you have to
have an idea about what the person needs to be “lifted”. Do not assume that
everyone broke needs a job, they just might need a “hand-out”. In offering
help, understand what the person truly wants, so you offer can be appreciated
and well utilized. Try to go the extra-mile to ensure that your “help” does not
go down the drain, this includes follow up calls where necessary to ensure that
the other person (especially where they do no object) follows through
established plans.

It’s a brand new week, look
around you, someone close by may need your help. Do not hesitate to give it
where needed.

Have a beautiful week!

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