Let’s do something

Opportunities abound in life, but
unfortunately some people hardly see it. Maybe opportunities are not seen by
everyone because they often come disguised or rather hidden, demanding keener
sense of observation by the person seeking it. So, to really tap into some
opportunities you have to be on the look out for it. You have to be aware of your
environment, constantly asking the right questions and readying yourself to provide
solutions to problems where necessary.

To rise above the limitations in
your environment, you have to be aware of what is happening outside your environment,
because the keys to overcoming them may lie in understanding how your “neighbours”
that may have dealt with similar issues surpassed their own limitations. Of
course, you do not necessarily have to look out for solutions that have been
tried and tested, you can creatively devise a new solution particularly
tailored to suit your own situation. If everyone around you sets out to change
something they do not like about what is going on around them, the world will
be a better place. Imagine identifying a problem and then going ahead to embark
on intense research to solve that problem, imagine the joy brought about by the
success of that research, not just on the creator but also on everyone that
gets to use the product of that research.  This is exactly what happens when one person
decides to pause a bit and look for hidden opportunities around him/her.

Every human being is gifted, the
only difference is what each person decides to do with his or her gifting.
Exploring our unique abilities not only helps us to break barriers in our
chosen endeavors, it also helps us to make a mark in the world, which invariably
makes our world better.

Like I said in the beginning of
this write-up, look out for opportunities around you no matter how minute it
may be, work on something, you may eventually get a result not necessarily “ground
breaking” but something good enough to contribute to the human race.

 Have a fruitful week!

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