Please unwind!

 We are in the holiday season. By
holiday season, I mean summer months where people tend to slow down a bit on
work and take some vacation. As much as this sounds like the most usual thing
on earth, many people do not go on break. This may be as a result of factors
ranging from financial incapacity to indifference or simply ignorance about the
need for a break.

Life can get too busy, so busy
that you forget to unwind, go for routine medical checkup or even check up on
family and friends. The result of working round the clock without taking
sufficient rest is clear, apart from stress, there is a tendency to experience
diminishing returns, that is not functioning up to your normal capacity. Take a
break, especially if you can afford it, it helps you re-generate, gives room
for fresh ideas and generally unclogs your mind. Taking a break is not luxury,
it is necessary for survival. Going for a vacation can be luxury for people who
live from hand to mouth. Where you do not come under this set of people, then I
think nothing is actually stopping you from taking out time to unwind. Travelling
and sightseeing are good, but where circumstances around you do not favour
that a weekend get-away can be a replacement, and if you cannot even afford
one, stay back at home and rest.

Take life easy, let it not always
be about chasing the papers. Imagine being so overworked that you develop an
illness, this automatically prevents you from enjoying the fruits of your
labour. So, while working hard, remember to take care of yourself, go for regular
checkup, drink enough water and take out time to unwind.

It is a beautiful week, do not
forget to take a break when your body calls for it.

Have a blessed week.

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