Decision Making

 Most people judge things on face
value. They do not bother with making investigations before they make their
choices. Sometimes the effect of such careless approach may be not seen
immediately until much later in the future. Think deeply before you make life changing
decisions, do not rush and do not allow yourself to be rushed. In fact, when
you feel a lot of pressure to take a particular position in a state of affairs,
you should become wary and ask yourself what is particularly special about that
particular choice you are under pressure to follow.

As long as we are alive on planet
earth, we will be faced with several situations that requires our decision
making skills. It is our choice in these circumstances that will eventually determine
what our future will be. Career decisions, who to date, who to marry, country
to live in, what investment to make, faith etc. are important life decisions
that should not be made in a hurry. It should only be made after thorough
investigations and much considerations. Most people have started careers that
they no longer want to continue with after giving it much years of their life. People
have married life partners who end up ruining their lives and so on. I admit
that there are no guarantees against bad circumstances, but some of them can be
prevented by right decision making skills. People pray for second chances to
correct their errors, but what if there are no second chances? Because life do
no always give us second chances we should live our lives like there are no
second chances, in this case whenever we are faced with choices, we put on our
thinking cap with the intention of making the best decision we can in that
particular circumstance.

As we go through our different
life endeavors this week, let us make the best use of our reasoning skills and, only take well considered decisions.

Have a fruitful week!

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