A kind reminder

 Life may not always give you what
you want, but you should be able to try as much as possible to work for the
type of life you want. You may succeed, you may not, but all the same try so
that even if you don’t get to the sky and you can be somewhere close to it. It
is natural to feel lethargic certain times about doing what you should do to
get to your next stage in life. You will have to learn how to get up despite
the lethargy or the general lack of will to do what you must do. It is okay to
take a break and continue, it only becomes an abandoned project when you procrastinate
and end up losing complete interest in that activity.

Most successful people got to
their ultimate destination by pushing through where every other person had
given up. What is delaying you from completing a personal goal or undertaking a
project? Is it fear of failure, if it is, what can you do to better prepare
yourself in order to surmount the likely obstacles you may encounter? Have you
done that?  If you have done that, then it’s
time to do away with fear and go back to that activity. We often get
discouraged where there are statistics of failure following any endeavor we
wish to embark on. Instead of rushing out of that task, why don’t you find out
what your predecessors did and find out if you have a better approach which can give
you a better outcome. The end result may be something better
than what your predecessor have ever done.

This write up is a small reminder
that we can still pick up our personal goals and put in more effort into realizing
them. Those who wish to succeed sometimes do so against all odds, I hope you
are able to surmount your obstacles and achieve your dreams!

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