Some people find it difficult to comply
with laid down rules or what people consider as the norm. These group of people
are not afraid to be different, they do their own things, break existing rules,
sometimes they get away with certain behaviours and still manage to integrate
well with the society.

We are all unique with our
individual abilities and weaknesses. Despite our peculiarities we are supposed to
learn how to co-exist with others in the society. Being different or refusing
to follow some of the rules of the society should not make one a pariah especially if such refusal does not in any way harm others or cause any known disadvantage to
other people. We all cannot behave alike or see things in a particular way. In
fact the beauty of human existence is that we are all different with our unique
ideas and different ways of doing things. This diversity of opinion and ideas
gives room for change and general improvement of the society. Thus, the “weird
man” should not be shunned simply because he is a bit different. You may be
surprised to find out the resources and knowledge embedded in that weird person
which may be beneficial to all. Let us learn to be tolerant of people who do
not hold the same opinion like us or believe in the things we do or who does
not look like what the society approves of. Allow people to be themselves, don’t
force them to be like you. Appreciate the diversity that is inherent in human
existence, tap into this diversity, like I said earlier our society will be better
off for it.

This is a new week, it is still a
very good time to reevaluate how you treat others, especially people who you
think are different from you. Understand that when you lay your guards down a
bit and be less judgmental, you may discover the beauty that lies in each
individual you meet.

Have a fruitful and blessed week! 

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