Look before you leap

One of the ways to move on after
a bad outcome is not to dwell on whatever it is that you need to move on
from. It is normal to think about what went wrong, what you should have done
differently, even the advices you ignored which if you had implemented would
have yielded a better outcome. It is perfectly normal to think through all
these, but if you must move on then you have to look beyond all that and focus
on the next step.

The next step could be how to
remediate the outcome of what happened or it could simply be to make a decision
to take a well-informed approach next time. Some people often do not get a
second chance to correct their errors, for this people they simply learn from the
mistake, others may be lucky to get a second chance to correct their errors.
There is no manual on how to live life but there are basic principles to get
through life. For instance, you need to look before you leap. Before taking a
particular action, weigh the pros and cons, don’t just jump into a decision and
then look for a way to get out of it when there is a problem; a problem that
should have been avoided if you were a bit more careful or discerning. Of
course one cannot totally avoid making mistakes despite careful planning, but
let our mistakes be minimized to the barest minimum. Let the mistakes be the
very unavoidable ones.

Would you rather spend time and
effort trying to remediate a past action, or would you not prefer to use same
energy to understudy such situation from the beginning and ensure you take the best
step or approach. This week, think through every action you need to take to avoid unnecessary errors.

Have a fruitful week! 

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