Define boundaries, be tolerant

Living with someone comes with
learning how to be tolerant. This is very important in order to have a harmonious
existence with that person. This is because both of you are two unique
individuals with your peculiarities and different way of doing things. In order
to co-exist, you have to learn how to give up some of your idiosyncrasies same
way the other person has to give up some attitudes to be able to live
harmoniously with you.

Life has been designed in a way
that most people will eventually live with other people at some point in time
in their life. The first people you live with are your family, they are very
easy to please, as they are more inclined to easily forgive your many errors or
mistakes. Eventually you may have to travel out of your home state for different
life pursuit, this (for some people) may necessitate living with a roommate. Some
people may eventually make a lifetime commitment to live with someone until
death parts them. However way it is, you may have to interact at that close
level with someone or some people at a particular time in your life. The key to
bringing out the best in such relationship(s) is to be tolerant, easy going and
laying a bit of boundaries on conducts you find highly intolerable. It is
always better to define the limits of your tolerance in any relationship before
you embark on one, for instance if you want to have a flat mate, both of you should
agree from the beginning on the terms of such flat sharing, both of you should
be clear on what can be done and what must not be done by either of you. This
will help you both hold each other accountable in case of any infraction. Such
is also very necessary if you want to commit to a life partner, both of you
should define what you expect from such relationship and ask a whole lot of
questions to understand each others perspective to different issues of life
as this is key to your being able to tolerate and live amicably with each other.

It’s a new week, learn to be
tolerant, also learn to define boundaries in your relationships.

Have a nice week!

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