Start well

 Today is a good day, I can feel
it, it will usher in the dawn of a new season in some people’s life. Whether we
like it or not some people are at the beginning stages of a particular endeavor
in life while some are nearing their end. So every single day ushers in
different seasons of life for different people. What stage are you in life? Are
you starting something or you are already in the process or nearing the very
end of your endeavor. Whatever stage you are in, learn how to channel the right
energy to accomplish your objective.

It is not good to count your
chickens before they hatch, be very sure of your result before your start
making plans with that result. I know you have put in efforts you feel
guarantees you a certain result, be patient and wait out the process to see
that result, as something may still come up to give you a totally different
outcome. Pursue your life interest wholeheartedly, you may make mistakes along
the way, this shouldn’t deter you. You are better off as one who has attempted
so many things in life with less result, than one who is afraid to attempt one.
Be objective in your goals, don’t set unrealizable ones, it is better to take
up “small projects”, you can always take up the bigger ones when you have conquered
the small ones The idea of dreaming big does not mean you should not start
small, starting small helps you build competence in the “small” giving you a better
leverage to deal with bigger works. Dream big, but start with realizable goals.
As stated earlier on, it is okay to be at the very beginning of a particular endeavor
in your life, being there does not mean you won’t grow. Start from the lowest
step and gradually climb to the peak.

Life is in stages, learn and do
everything you ought to learn and do in one stage of your life before moving on
to the next step. Do not neglect the place of mentorship, find good mentors
along your way.

Have a fruitful week!

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