Life has no rules!

I am yet to see someone who had
his life plan play out exactly like he intended. Sometimes, there may be slight
deviations along the way, several other roads to reach the person’s ultimate
goal, a lot of uncertainties may come up, what eventually makes the person succeed
is sticking to his overall goal despite the variations and unplanned happenings
along his life’s journey.

Where do we draw the line between
continuing to stick to one’s goal and changing such goal because a lot has
happened to make it seem almost unrealizable. For some people forgetting or
leaving their initial goal for some other goal is a sign of failure albeit
inability to see something through to the end, for quite some others it may be counted
as being wise to know when to throw in the towel. Truly no one knows it all, no
one has the right to determine what another should do with his or her life, no
one is the custodian of the best way to figure life out. What we attempt to do
in our life’s journey is to do what we think is the best in any situation, it
may not be the wisest decision, even if it’s not the best we eventually learn what
the best action for such situation is when we see the result of the action
taken. We can only try to live life the best way we can from our own personal experiences,
studying the life of others that have lived before us, studying our mentors,
etc, all these will simply give us ideas about what we should or should not do
in specific situations, the overall action to be taken every time we are faced
with different situations lies in our hands.

It is a brand new week, definitely
a good time to take stock of your life, channel our energy into doing the
right things, take criticisms and make necessary adjustments.

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