Do it now!

The easiest thing to do in this
life is to post-pone carrying out a particular activity. It is very easy to say
“I will do that later” than to actually do that work. Procrastination is a
problem many people do not know they have or those that know they have this
problem refuses to address this until it totally impacts on their performance
or output in work, life etc.

As much as it lies within your
power, try not to procrastinate important issues, if you have a “doing’’ problem,
get help. Try and find out why you are not so kin on carrying out a particular
activity. Could it be because you do not have a passion for that particular work
or could it be an attitude you have developed towards everything in life. The
latter can be a bigger problem than the former. Where the latter is the case,
get help because this could impact on your general output in life. The problem
with procrastination is that it doesn’t look like a problem to people and
because it is ignored the person with this problem continues his life thinking
everything is okay, not knowing that he is living his life below average.
Another problem with procrastination is that generally it reduces the output of
an organization, someone’s procrastination can delay and impact on another’s
output, in the end we have organizations performing below par. Your procrastination
does not only affect you, sometimes it could affect others as well. Try and do
things when they should be done, if there are underlying issues behind your
tendency to “postpone activities, work” etc address this issue(s) so that you
can live your best life and produce your best results.

Today is a new day, a new week,
and very good time to go back to those activities you have been procrastinating.
If they are on your to-do-list, examine why they are there and get it done. If they
are not important, then remove them from this list. Work on maximizing your
out-put and you can only do this by doing everything you should do at the right

Have a fruitful week! 

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