Leave a mark!

We all have our lifetimes to make
the kind of impact we will like to be remembered for. For some people it is service
to humanity, for some its being available to their families. What matters is
what you consider important and what you think you will like to be remembered
for. For quite some other people, they do not want to think about the other
side, they simply want to take every day as it is and allow the next generation
to make out what they think of the life they lived.

Your desires are valid; whatever
it is they are, put in effort towards making the kind of impact you want to be
remembered for. Do not let another person’s dream or life determine how you
should live yours. To be truly impactful, you have to be authentic. Authentic
people learn from the life of others, from past situations, they correct their
errors through these experiences. They do not try to live other people’s life, because
actually no one has the perfect blue print to living life. If they do, the word
“mistake” would not exist. Live your life with the consciousness that
whatever it is you are doing should last. Are you leaving a mark? Are you comfortable
with just existing without any remarkable impact in the life of others? Are you
okay with just existing, merely living for the next day? Our lives should be
full of impact, we should live and not exist. A man truly living will certainly
make an impact in the life of others, the one merely existing would not.

I don’t know the type of life you
have envisioned for yourself, but whatever it is try and make a mark. Do not do
things just for the sake of doing them, create a lasting impression. Leave a

Have a blessed week!

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