Is it possible to go through life
without having misunderstandings with people? I don’t think that is possible as
sometimes we offend others without meaning to through our actions or omissions.
Having understood this, try to be a bit more tolerant of other people.

Misunderstandings sometimes happen
when people are in a hurry to jump into conclusions without verifying facts.
Sometimes they would have acted on a wrong assumption before realizing that they
had been wrong. To avoid this, try and be calm when you are angry, verify facts
before jumping into conclusion. Where you have erred i.e jumped into wrong
conclusion, be bold enough to meet the other side to repair the relationship,
if you are on the other side be willing to forgive knowing that you are human
and can commit the same error.

Relationships are very important,
sometimes it is not easy to build one. It takes a lot of maturity to know you
are wrong and take deliberate steps to repair a broken relationship. It is more
important to have a lot of healthy relationships than to have a baggage of long
broken toxic past relationships. The popular saying “To err is human, to
forgive is divine” does not justify continuing to tolerate someone that does
not value the importance of good relationships; discard any person or
association that does not respect you nor value your input. Try to stay away
from toxic people; while we all desire good human working relationships wherever
we go, there are situations where this cannot be forced, know this on time and
avoid trying to do more than you are required to do. It is not difficult to
have a civil relationship with everyone you come across, but it takes time to
know the relationships that have come to stay, those are the ones you should
nurture and give in your all to make it last.

Have a fruitful week.

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