Level up

We are often inspired by what we
see around us. Some end up studying a particular course or taking a certain
career path because an uncle, aunt or a relation somewhere was in that career
path and they became genuinely inspired to tow that path. Some others grew up
in an unfavourable environment, they saw the difficulties or disadvantages of
being in that type of environment and made up their minds to do better for
themselves and their families.

We are first a product of our
immediate environment before we eventually change as a result of education and
interaction with people from different backgrounds. These changes are subtle,
sometimes we do not know we have changed until someone comments on it. As human
beings we are supposed to be in a state of progress, in other words, you are
not meant to be exactly where you were yesterday, last year etc. Aim at
learning something new every day, do not be afraid to try out different things and
do not be afraid to fail. Failure is also a learning curve, just try to be in a
forward motion and be quick to learn from your errors.

Trying out new things does not
connote doing everything that comes to your sight. There must be something that
you have a passion for, there must be a skill that you have a comparative
advantage over others, those are the things you should pursue, hone those skills,
take courses or trainings in them and become an expert in that field. People
usually pay for services that are valuable to them, ensure you have an expert
knowledge on that service and surely someone who values it would pay for it.
The bottom line is to be in a forward motion, doing and learning something new every
day and consolidating on old skills.

Have a fruitful week! 

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