Manage Success

The unexpected can always happen
to anyone. It could be a good experience; it could also be a bad one. Everyone
hopes to experience the good, nobody wants the undesirable ugly life experiences
to come their way. This is a valid feeling, the body naturally wants pleasure
and not pain.

Some people happen to experience “success”
very early in life while this is what we term “good luck”, sometime this good
luck eventually leads to the demise of many. Many people do not know how to
handle success, it may be because they attained it very early in life, it may
also be because they did not develop emotional maturity to deal with the
challenges of success. To truly enjoy our “good lucks”, we must learn how to
manage the many sides of success. Success comes with a lot of expectations, it
also comes with a lot of crowd, people often tend to defer to you, associate
with you, just because they feel you are up there. How do you protect yourself
from those that are set to take advantage of you? How do you separate the wheat
from the chaff, how do you detect genuine people at this stage of your life
where everyone pretends to be there for you? It can be quite challenging, but
this is not a tall order.

To be truly successful, you must
learn how to manage success. You have to be discerning to know the people you
should let into your circle. You should also learn how to manage your existing
relationships and leverage on new ones. Please note that what you consider
success or your highest point in life has been experienced and attained by
other people, study their lives and learn how they navigated the challenges of
their status. You could learn a thing or two from them. Remember, to be truly
successful, you have to be able to manage your emotions and people’s

Have a good week!

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