Put in the work!

The difference between ”A” and “B”
getting a job for a role both applied for and are equally qualified for could
be timing. ”A” may have applied early which gave him the opportunity to meet
the employers/assessors first and make a great impression. B may not even be
aware of what had happened or that if he had there before A he would have gotten
that job or position. People do loose some opportunities in life because they
failed to do something at the appropriate time, that one-day delay or little procrastination
may cause irreparable loss of opportunities.

Today is a good day to work on
your “procrastination habit” if you have one.  We are imperfect beings; our aim is to strive
to become better versions of ourselves. So irrespective of where we are in
life, we may have some bad character traits that has affected us negatively. It
could be a bad attitude, it could be inability to control our emotions, no
matter what it is, to truly grow and embrace a new level of awareness we need
to discard our imperfections and work on becoming better versions of ourselves.
A certain level of work/determination is required for one to advance from one
level of life to another. It doesn’t matter what it is you plan to improve on,
the same rule applies i.e. determination to advance to a new level and the
required hard work to get you there. Do your part diligently and you will most
likely get the result you want or somewhere close to that result.

As imperfect beings, we should
continue to work on ourselves. The excuse of “that’s the way I am” is a lazy
person’s statement to remain complacent and refuse to grow in life. I know we
all desire good results and success stories, try and work on actualizing that
dream of yours by doing what you need to do.

See you at the top! 

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