Let go

“To err is human and to forgive
is divine”…We have heard this phrase countless times when people are trying to
convince others to accept an apology or to forgive someone that has wronged the
person and have refused to acknowledge their wrong. Truly no one is perfect, no
matter how well-meaning you are in your relationships with people, you may
inadvertently hurt them by your words or your actions even though it was not
your intention to do so.

To forgive someone is to free
yourself, it is cathartic. You may not understand the burden of carrying a
grudge/hurt for a long time until you do away with that emotion. To be
emotionally and psychologically balanced try to purge yourself each day of every
from of hurt. Lamenting so much about how someone did this or that to you apart
from being draining can prevent you from moving forward in life. It can turn
you into a shadow of yourself, it can make you less attractive to people.
Nobody wants to be around an unhappy person. Sometimes you need to pretend you
did not see somethings and allow them slide. It does not make you a fool, it
simply makes you someone that values your emotional well-being. I understand
that it may be difficult to maintain certain stance when confronted with some
actions, the key is to learn how to address the issue and not to be overly emotional
about it. Why hold a grudge over something you can let go? Just learn to be
civil with everyone.

Always be open about how someone
has wronged you and try to speak to the person about it, do not bottle up your
emotions. It is very possible that the so-called “offender” may not be aware
that he or she has wronged you. Protect your emotional well-being and learn how
to let go.

Have a fruitful week! 

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