Live by your rules!

It is not easy to live by other
people’s dictate. Find out the true meaning of life and form your own rules
based on what you know is right. Imagine forming an opinion because of what so
and so person said, what then happens when someone you respect holds a contrary
view, does it now mean you will have to change your opinion again? Study life, situations
and form your own rules, dictates, opinions etc based on what you know is the
true position of facts.

Welcome to a new week! It is
still a proper time to reflect on your decision making skills. How do you come
to a conclusion about a particular state of facts? Do you really think through the
process, or do you process information based on what certain people have already
said about that situation? Develop an independent mind, when you consistently
make it a habit to state your opinion on issues people would come to respect
your opinion on important matters. You are also a more confident person when
you learn how to make a true assessment of matters. Judging people based on
what you have heard from others is not a good way to truly know someone, why don’t
you allow yourself sometime to study the person’s character, you may realise
that the prejudice you have against such person is because of the wrong perception
other people have of them. Be unique, don’t be afraid to stand alone in your
quest to be truly independent minded. Form a habit of never allowing other people’s
biases form the basis of your own bias. Let yours be as a result of experiences
you have had and your interpretation of the situations around them.

Learn to live by your own rules,
take risks, learn from your mistakes, move past hearsays and be truly
independent minded.

Have a good week

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