My insight about a subject is
bound to be different from that of another person with a different background
and a different cultural experience. Life has taught me that we are all
different and unique in our own ways. I have also come to see that one culture
is not better than another. It is all a matter of tolerance. Tolerance is what
we need but is actually lacking in this present dispensation. Religious tolerance,
political tolerance and all the tolerance we can muster is desperately needed
in our era.
A lot of wars has been fought
unjustly,  for the want of tolerance and the megalomaniac tendencies of
some world leaders. Our reactions to everyday events sometimes mirror our world
view on how we respond to situations that affect humanity.In this social media era, try to
be among the sane voices, and not the ones firing up the polity. We cannot be
indifferent to the happenings around us, they will in one way or the other
affect us or our children. Our contribution to humanity should include peace
talks and sensitization of a less informed public on the need for tolerance.
Today, think of how best you can
educate the less informed people around you, use your social media voice
wisely, preach love and not hate, dialogue and tolerance and not war.
Please spread the word.

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