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Selfish people are those ones who are usually more inclined to protect their own interest most times to the detriment of other people. They do not care if their actions or in actions may affect another person. Their utmost priority is to take care of themselves or anything that is bound to be of great benefit to them.
As much as it lies within us, we need to make a distinction between self preservation, the act of selflessness and selfishness. It is not bad to protect your interest, if you don’t, probably no one may remember to do that for you. It only becomes somewhat irritating when all you think of and do are actions that will jeopardize the interest of others.
We are in the holiday season, usually associated with a lot of activities. For some people, it’s time to be with family and friends and for some others it’s time to take a well deserved rest from the years activities. It is not time to count what people did to you or failed to do for you. For me, it’s a time to reflect on my actions and work on ways to ensure I don’t repeat my mistakes.
Have all your steps this year been motivated by desires to outwit or outdo another person? Have you in the pursuit of self interest taken the selfish route? As we count down to the remaining days of this year, take out time to reflect on your life and retrace some steps, if there is any need to do so.
Have a beautiful holiday season.

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