End of a decade

Welcome to the last day of this year! It’s been wonderful sharing my thoughts here and I hope to do more of this come next year. I hope to improve on my contents and also deliver timeously. I do hope to pick up one or two languages, I have been postponing taking up this classes, I do plan to finally do something about it.
I could go on and on writing about what I have resolved to do for the new year, but I know it wouldn’t really get us anywhere if I just file it out as one of my new year resolutions. In fact, studies have shown that most new year resolutions end up being discarded before the third week of January. I do not want to be part of the statistics. Today is tuesday, even though it’s still a new week, for me it feels like the end of a decade and with this finality comes a lot of ruminations on what I did or didn’t do well. I intend to stay this way for the rest of this week, to plan, replan and restrategize.
What are your thoughts on my plan? How do you intend to make your week count?, It doesn’t have to be something personal. An advice or two to a friend who seems to be out of track, may help that person stay away from unreasonable actions. We are often a product of our decisions, a decision to look out for other people is also a good way to end the year and even start a new one. Advicing someone aright can help that other person stay away from hurting consequences. In making your opinion known to a friend, don’t be overbearing, make your points clear and allow the person to take the decision to accept or reject your opinion.
The year may be ending today, but for many and for me too, it’s simply a day for new beginnings. Better plans, actions and better results.
As you enter the new year this week, remember it’s just like every other day, simply another opportunity for you to make a positive impact. So, go out this week and make a huge impact in the life of people around you.
Stay positive

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