Tolerance simply means forbearing
another person’s fault despite your dislike of that conduct or behaviour. As
long as we continue to exist as human, we will always interact with people.
With human interaction comes several opportunities to annoy others in the same manner
other people may mistakenly step on our toes, this is why we need to forbear one

Tolerating people does not mean
allowing yourself to be used as a foot mat. It also does not connote looking the
other way or being almost docile in the face of opposition. You have to be firm
to insist that people should do what is right when they are around you, you
should also be willing to tolerate other people’s position or minor errors
especially when those conducts against you were not deliberate or calculated to
disparage you. Tolerance in the work place, family, our society cannot be
overemphasized. Before you react negatively to a seemingly done wrong against you,
try and find out what really happened. Things are not always what they seem, so
learn to give people benefit of doubt before jumping into conclusions. Where
you do not like the outcome of your findings, look for a civil approach to
resolve the problem with the other party.

Learn to accept changes, the
relationship that may seem almost perfect may likely hit rock bottom if certain
undesirable circumstances occur. These circumstances may be deliberate or indeliberate,
where the former, move on; the only constant thing in life is change. Change in
people’s behaviour, ideals etc may always necessitate a readjustment of the way
you relate with people especially if such ideals or behaviour does not conform
to your acceptable mores. In summary, tolerate others and always give room for different
opinions and do not always be in a hurry to react.

Have a fruitful week!

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