Dealing with Disappointments

 Disappointments are not desirable, that is why people plan and do everything within their means to ensure that every of their plans work out well. Like I always say, no matter how well you plan, some unforseen circumstances may bring your carefully laid plans to nothing. That is why we need to learn to absorb the shock of disappointments and move on very fast from them. How can you achieve this?

Today is Monday, the very first work day of the week. The usual thing for everyone after unwinding during the weekend is to prepare for the week. To prepare for the week, you set down the tone for your Monday, because some how your Mondays usually determines how the rest of the week will go. Experiencing a disappointment on the first work day of the week is not unheard of, the problem is allowing this emotion to fester, it may not only ruin your day, it may ruin your week. Yes, something totally unplanned has happened, the first question should be how to tackle the problem. If you know how to resolve the problem or have gotten hands to help you resolve the problem, the next question is how much time will be spent resolving that problem. If the resolution of the problem will take ample time from you, then consider other things in your list of activities for the day, go ahead and do them, save that time. If the resolution of that problem is central to your activities for that day, then wait and work on resolving that problem, it may only take you a longer time to realize your obejctives. Whilst I agree that this may be the most difficult thing to do at that time, I believe it is not an impossible thing to do, just master your emotions, so that your emotions are channeled into problem solving ideas and not “why me” or “why now” cries. 

In summary, learn to make the best from every problematic situation. Deal with the problem with a clear mind and push the disappointment behind you.

Have a great week!

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