Learn and Grow

Everyone has had a point in their
life, where they have had regrets about an action already taken. It may not be
something very serious, but at least something you looked back and wished you
had done a bit more differently. We all do have these moments, that is what
makes us human.

How have you dealt with past
actions that you feel was not handled or settled properly? Do you go back to
approach the person and express willingness to re-do past conducts or do you
take it as a point of correction in case of future actions? Whichever way you
choose to approach the issue is fine because one do not always have the
opportunity to redress past conducts, what you always have is the opportunity
to learn from them. Learning from them entails you choose to approach issues
better, fix an error that is still fixable, accept responsibility for wrong
actions and generally learn to make better decisions.

Some people experience identity
crisis when they are going through bad situations in life, they begin to
question age-long beliefs and wonder whether these beliefs had been correct all
along. Life usually throws us punches when we are less ready for them, it is okay
to ask all the questions you need answers for, it is also okay to drop faulty ideas
or opinions you have held in times of ignorance. Growth involves the ability to
accept that an idea or opinion you have held for a long time is incorrect and
learning to replace that opinion with the correct one. Are you willing to grow;
if yes, you know what to do. Keep learning, allow life experiences to teach you
what you need to know, learn from other people’s experiences too, be willing to
accept change and be willing to accept things you cannot change.

Have a most fruitful week


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