A thought for the week.

 Try not to imagine the worst of any situation. What it does is to keep you worrying, will the worst happen? It may or may not happen. Can you do anything to stop such from happening, if yes, then do it, if no, then why waste your mental energy worrying about a situation you can’t help or solve. A lot of people are worriers, and worry has never been known to solve problems. 

Today is a brand new day, offering us opportunities to do new things, take steps to achieve our goals, and correct mistakes that are still correctable. It is one thing to want to do something, it is another thing to know how to do it. Make a consious effort to learn or consult others in matters you cannot single handedly solve. In outsourcing your areas of weakness, you give in more time to your areas of strength, by this way, you tend to achieve a lot more than you would have trying to do everything by yourself.

Some life issues happen not because we failed to plan for them, it simply happens because there are things we do not have any control over. It is how we react to them that determines our growth and experience in dealing with unplanned issues. Sometimes these problems helps to build our resilience and makes us better adapted to deal with life in general. Are you the type that shys away from “problems” or what should be properly termed challenges, just know that you deny yourself opportunities for growth each time you say no to a seemingly resolveable challenge. It’s not enough to shy away from problems, can you prevent that same problem from arising in the future, have you learnt how to resolve such problem.

Every single day offers us a chance at life, a chance to do something new, learn something new, gain experience; what do you do with these opportunities? That’s the rhetorical question that should occupy your mind this week. Are you improving on your skills? Are you better now than you were at the beginning of the year? Make it a habit to self examine yourself from time to time. Don’t forget to make out time to unwind too.

Have a fruitful week

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