The road to the the top!

How do you move on from a hurtful
past? How do you pattern your life so your daily actions are not a response to the
difficult past you had? How do you live normal again after being exposed to a
lot of abnormalities growing up? This questions though rhetorical have just one
simple answer which may or not work for people depending on whether or not they
believe it.

Moving on from a hurtful
situation is not easy, trying to live a normal life after past abuse is a
herculean task, but one of the first steps to move on is to forgive your
offender or the situation that made it impossible for you to live a normal
life. After this, purge yourself of all hurt, determine within you that everything
that happened in the past should remain in the past and should not determine
your present life circumstances or your future. Avoid the “Why me” approach,
this is guaranteed to keep you perpetually in the past and angry with yourself
and life in general. That is why victims of abuse are always advised to see a therapist,
without this, any little situation may cause them to relive their past circumstances
causing them to be perpetually stuck in the past.

In most cases, we do not choose
what happens to us, but life has given us the ability to choose how we respond
to the things that happen to us. Work on your response to life’s unhealthy
situations, it is your response that invariably determines how far you will go
in life. Choosing to be relive your past through “why me” statements would make
you a victim. Choosing to move on after past bad situations will make you a
victor. Your approach to life in general makes you obtain the type of results you
desire, we have so many examples of successful people that had a less than
desirable childhood that still made it in life despite their bad beginnings.
Choose the type of result you want for yourself, then pattern your life to
achieve that despite whatever bad circumstances you may have experienced in
your past.

See you at the top!

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