Achieve your goals

Enough has been said of people
who are high achievers. Included in the many things said of these people is the
fact that they are tenacious people. It does not mean that they do not feel the
urge to quit, it only means that this set of people have developed a resistance
to quitting before their goal is realized.

Welcome to a new week, the third
week in March 2022, definitely a good time to review our goals and confirm if
we are still on course. The methods or the ways to achieve our goals may change,
the important thing is to ensure that the goals we are striving to achieve is
still achievable despite the different route taken. You don’t need to be a “high
achiever” to be able to get things done. Make simple lists every day, follow
them religiously whilst giving room for necessary changes, one way or the other
you will realize your set goals. Set realizable goals, start with the small
ones your mind can contain, move up to the big ones. Many people leave things
undone because they fail to tell themselves the truth from the beginning. Understand
your capacity and what you can do, then go ahead to take on tasks you are
comfortable with. Once you have conquered those ones, build capacity, take something
higher, gradually you’ll see yourself doing big things. It all starts with building
capacity for the small, learning from the small ones and gradually moving up
the ladder. Understand your person and work towards fulfilling your dreams and aspirations.
Have mentors; get friends that would hold you accountable. Getting to our
destination is easier when we have people to push us and encourage us when the
going gets tough, therefore have the right people in your circle. The sky is
large enough for everyone, focus on yourself, disallow distractions, be willing
to take corrections and go ahead to rule your world.

Have a nice week! 

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