Take responsibility

Everything in life happens for a
reason. This is what we have been told, this word is usually used when consoling
people about some unfortunate incident in their lives. But is this true, does
everything really happen for a reason?

I do not believe that everything
happens for a reason; failure to plan or taking a very wrong step is likely to
have a bad outcome. For instance, deliberately living a careless life and
putting yourself at the risk of debilitating illnesses is a self-inflicted
injury. There is no good reason to justify such illness especially where it could
have been avoided. We should learn to hold people accountable for their
decisions and not console them with words that may not help their lives.
Pointing out one’s mistake which led to a bad result may help make that person
more accountable and more willing to make better decisions. To move forward in
every venture in life, you have to look back on how you started, the decisions
you made along the way, the mistakes, the corrections etc, it is in looking at
these past actions that you are able to predict to an extent the likely result
of that venture. Avoid the temptation of thinking you know it all, there is
always room for more knowledge, things are always changing, new knowledge are
springing up every day, try and know how this “new” information will affect the
venture you have embarked upon whether now or in the future.

Life is best lived if we know how
to make good plans. It is always better to plan for something or predict to a reasonable
extent what may likely happen in the future through current happenings. This
will help you to position yourself better for the future. You may not always be
accurate, but it is still better than living your life aimlessly and without direction.

Have a blessed week! 

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