Look around you!

Life is always giving us several
opportunities to do better. By ”doing better” I mean opportunities to take on
new ideas and execute them, correct mistakes, plan, re plan, get opinions and
resolve whether to continue an action or simply abort that activity or project.

We know the popular saying that an
opportunity lost cannot be recovered; I personally think that this saying has really
been misconstrued. While we should be wise to identify and appreciate opportunities
when they come along, that does not mean there are no more opportunities other
than the one that just passed by. Life is designed to always offer us something
new. It may not come in exactly the way the past opportunity may have been, but
something will always come up, it is now left for us to decide what to do with
what life offers us. Opportunities abound everywhere, look for them, they are
not always very clear, it takes discernment to identify and exploit those
opportunities. If they were that easy to identify, it wouldn’t be termed an
opportunity. We are currently in the information explosion era; it takes just
one click on the internet to take in a lot of information. In these information
lies several opportunities, all it takes is for one to decide to take a
particular path towards pursuing an opportunity or looking for another interest.

The internet is not the only tool
for information, we exist in a society where things are constantly happening.
To tap into the opportunities in our direct environment we need to be abreast
of new or recent developments, infact being aware of your environment makes you
a better risk taker and investor.

Take out time this new week and
look around you, what are the opportunities right under your nose you have hitherto
ignored, perhaps it is time to check out that opportunity again.

Have a most fulfilling week!

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