Most success stories you hear
usually have a phase where it seems things were not working out for the
individual involved. At this phase, the person may try to give up, then comes
the determination of this person to continue his journey and refuse to succumb to
the negative failure pressure. At the end of the day, it is those people who didn’t
eventually give up that we celebrate and listen to them give us a brief rundown
of their lives.

The pattern to success seems
almost the same in a number of cases. One thread that seems to run through most
of these stories is the resilience of the individuals involved and the refusal
to give up when things are really bad. In other words, do not always expect a
rosy journey, understand that despite your almighty well set plans, something
can go wrong. That something has gone wrong is not the reason to give up on
that idea, it is simply an opportunity for you to look for other ways to make
it work. Look for a support system, because sometimes it is not easy to pull yourself
out of a major problem, for some this is the time depression sets in. In other
to pull through your disappointments unto the next stage of your life, you may
have to not just try to make it work, you may need the support of people. That is
why it is good to build good relationships, each has a need it fulfils in the life
of an individual. There are places for your mentors, there are places for your
family, friends, colleagues etc. The support you need from any of your network
depends on the type of challenge you are having.

Having said the above, remember
to channel your energy into doing what will eventually give you the result you
want, even when the results seems so far-fetched, join a support group that
helps you see the possibility of your ideas and how you can achieve them.

Have a wonderful week! 

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