It is very easy to admire someone
who possesses a rare attribute especially one you think you don’t have. What
some people inadvertently do when they admire someone is that they try to copy
that person’s style forgetting that what works for A may not work for B. We are
all unique.

We need to continuously improve
ourselves that is the only way we can grow. Having a mentor is desirable,
having colleagues or friends to encourage you in your journey is also desirable.
The advantage of having these support systems in your life cannot be overemphasized.
Sometimes self-motivation alone is not enough, you need people who can advise
you, you also need people you can learn from to avoid making certain mistakes
This is where having a mentor is important, he or she acts as a buffer between
you and bad choices, so you don’t go and make exactly the same mistake they
made, at least with their experiences you can learn a bit of what works and what
doesn’t. Despite this, do not forget to live your life, as most people may
often forget the purpose of their existence, only to sit down to copy the life of
another person. It doesn’t matter if such person is your mentor or very
successful, what matters is that you are simply to learn from them and not
fashion your life after them. Please note the difference.

Another thing to note in your
life journey is that you can learn from anybody, do not look down on others.
Everyone is useful in their own way no matter how highly placed you are you
must need people. So learn to appreciate the people you have, take advantage of
any opportunity to learn something new irrespective of the source of that
information. Be open minded, take in relevant information and discard
unimportant ones. This is the only way to grow as a person.

Have a fulfilling week!

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