Opportunity to learn

Have you been in a very uncomfortable
position especially where you have to be the one to break a bad news to
someone? No one usually desires to be in such position, but that’s life, things
are bound to happen especially those that our out of your control.

Welcome to a new week! As much as
we wish everything to go as well as we have planned, we should always allow
that thought that things may go awry. Giving yourself this room for other thoughts
does not make you a pessimist, it rather makes you a realist who is better emotionally
prepared to deal with life’s disappointments and eventualities. Sometimes
circumstances may require you to go contrary to your plan or schedule probably because
those activities were too important to be ignored, this is the same way things
you don’t like may happen. Always prepare your mind to deal with whatever may
crop up in the course of your life.  Infact
this is why we have the concept of insurance, that is being able to plan ahead
for emergencies. It does not matter that that emergency may not occur, it’s
importance lies in that fact that you already have something to cushion the
effect of a bad happenstance.

This week take a deliberate step
towards achieving your goals, review your action plan, fine-tune your work,
make all last minutes’ changes and commence your project as soon as you can. Do
your best to prevent any untoward occurrence. If undesired circumstances happen
despite you perfect plans, deal with them. That’s life. Sometimes these action happen
to make us better and stronger individuals, more equipped to handle life situations.
These occurrences are not always “evil”, it is best to learn from them.

Have a fruitful week!

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