Staying Power

The joy of victory usually eclipses
the pain the process of the victory took. Anytime you feel over-burned or lethargic
towards doing what you are supposed to do, always remember that joy that a successful
completion of that project will bring.
is very normal to feel discouraged when a project is encountering many
difficulties, it is also good to process your feelings at that time. It is natural
to feel the urge to throw in the towel; a determined fellow would not allow
these feelings to influence him towards abandoning the work or what is the
person has set to achieve.

We are in a new year, many people
are bursting with new energies, new ideas and cannot wait to start
implementation of their new ideas. Some even hurry over the planning stage,
just to get to work. The problem then arises when this person begins to encounter
unplanned disappointment, un met deadlines, negative attitudes of colleagues or
co-workers. It is at this very moment that you need to remember that “your beginner’s
energy or light”. You need to muster up that energy again to pull through that
rough path, otherwise you will fail to realize your objectives. The work is not
in embarking on a course or project, the actual work is in staying on that
project to see it to completion. Not a haphazard finish, but properly finishing
well. It is not often every time one starts a work that the person intends to
complete it, some just wants to see how it goes, if you fall under the second
category of people, be truthful to yourself from the beginning to know how much
down the way you wish to go on your own, and know the right time to bring in
help or others to take over from the stage you are willing to let them take
over. Understand from the beginning what you set out to achieve, this will help
define your “success” properly.

Have a fruitful week!



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