To do right

 Who actually determines what is right or wrong?
Is it our conscience or is there a set of unwritten rules providing guidelines
on what we term wrong or right. I believe the answer is the former. As
individuals, our aim in life should be to live right, that is doing as much as
it lies within us not to hurt other people, being our brothers keeper etc.,
when we do the opposite, it is believed that such person is not living right.

To live right we have to consider the most
common human needs, basically how we desire to be treated, if we treat others
how we wish to be treated then we would have more happy people in life. Imagine
if everyone we met treated people exactly the same way they desire to be
treated, we won’t be grappling with many of the societal vices disturbing us.
We understand that the world is evil as no matter how right we live, we will always
have the bad ones amongst us, despite this we should still try to offer our
best to humanity. The life we live should be an exemplary one, the type we won’t
be ashamed to show to our future generation. Are you proud of who you are right
now if yes, continue on that path, if no, then do something different to be
proud of who you will be. People usually make conscious efforts to the earn
better, we keep upgrading ourselves to become the versions of ourselves, but
yet make less efforts to build the character that truly matters to all. Achieving
success in your chosen endeavour in life is good, building the character and attitude
that benefits all is also good, both are not mutually exclusive. So while
working on your business expansion, career advancement etc., remember to also
top it up with the right character.

Have a wonderful week!

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