There is beauty in diversity

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to be
different? Different in terms of holding unpopular opinions, looking different
from people in a particular environment or just being considered by others to
be different. It is not a particularly comfortable place to be in, it takes
being bold to be able to hold an unpopular opinion about issues, it also takes
boldness to be able to do what you want to do despite being considered different by people.

There is beauty in diversity, do not be afraid to
be different and the fact that every other person is doing something a
particular way does not also mean you should join the bandwagon, dare to be
different, be original, be you. One thing with being unique is that people will
always remember you once there is a demand for people like you. Remember it takes
being original to be able to build a lasting legacy, nobody wants a “yes”
person when important decisions are to be made, we always prefer people that
will tell us the truth, so try as much as you can to do things not because you want
to please certain people, but rather because that is the right thing to do. In today’s
world it is quite easy to do what is in vogue, if you are not strong willed you
may be easily swayed by what is out there on the social media. Like I stated
earlier on, be you and do not do things just because others are doing them, do
them because even though others are doing it , you truly believe in it .

Lastly, learn to be tolerant of other people’s
opinion, way of life, conducts etc that are different from what you are used
to. Our differences is what makes our society more beautiful so lets embrace
our differences.

Have a nice week!

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