Self Improvement

 When faced with unusual circumstances think
deep before taking any permanent action. It would be wise to consult people who
you know have gone through what you are facing. A timely advice can help you
sort out that situation more easily and quickly.

Every single day offers us an opportunity to
improve our self. To improve yourself you have to be deliberate about learning
something new every day, you have to learn not to repeat your mistakes, you
also have to be ready and willing to take criticisms. Some people find it
really difficult to accept their mistakes, the consequence is that this set of
people ignorantly deny themselves the opportunity to learn something new. Every
action or decision we take in life is always a function of what we consider
important, for instance the decision to register for a course or go for a
particular function is hinged on what you consider important. While some people
are deliberate about the way they live their life, some do not care and believe
that “what will be, will be”. “What will be will be” if we work towards what we
actually want our future to be, of course there is a place of providence, but
leaving everything to chance or luck is definitely the fastest way to living a
careless and an unimpactful life.  We are
more likely to get the type of future we desire if we are ready to work towards
it, that does not mean there would be no disappointments, distractions and
detractors along the way, all these will help us build our resilience and
resolve to achieve our goals.

To truly live an impactful life we should be
ready to improve ourselves. When we build capacity for big responsibilities we
have invariably made ourselves available to serve the larger society.

Have a good week.

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