Are they still relevant?

Some people do things because
they are duty bound to do such, it does not matter that they do not believe or understand
what they are told or expected to do, they simply carry out what is expected of
them. When a society live by rules they are expected to obey without any room
for questioning, that society tends to produce average people. Anything at all
that does not give room for dialogue tends to discourage creativity.

Rules and regulations are set to
provide guidance to behaviour. It is particularly important to set rules because
without rules some people may not behave properly. While rules are good, there
are several instances where strict adherence to them will produce less than a
perfect result. It is left for us to ascertain unreasonable rules and follow
our conscience on what is right at that moment. This is not to encourage
anarchy but rather to encourage boldness to do what is right irrespective of
contrary opinions. People that achieve extraordinary results are more often
than not bold enough to question rules and find out alternative ways of doing
things. Sometime those we call “stubborn” are simply people that find it hard
to take things on a face value, they prefer to ask hard questions that other
people would have ignored. Being bold and assertive has never harmed anyone, it
rather helps people to see a different view or opinion on what other people
have accepted as the norm. Question long held rules, find out whether they are
still relevant, why were those rules set in the first place, asking these
questions wherever you find yourself tends to help that organization or group
pf people see things they may have never bothered to see.

This week is still a perfect time
to look around you and think deeply about things you have long held as a norm, find
out whether they are still relevant.

Have a blessed week!

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