Seize the moment

Seize the moment, seize every opportunity that
comes your way to do better. Do not expect opportunities to come every day, if
they do come every day then everyone would be able to correct their errors. If
and when opportunity comes your way, treat it like one and you wouldn’t have
any reason to regret “lost opportunities”.

One thing about being vigilant and conscious of
happenings around you is that you can never be caught unawares, you are
prepared for opportunities and you get to decide how to deal with them. If you
have an opportunity to choose from various options, not going for any of the
options is also part of you exercising your right of choice. It is better than
not getting the opportunity to choose at all. Living a fulfilled life happens
when you are happy with the outcome of your decisions, be careful so you don’t have
too many regrets especially arising out of mistake in judgement, faulty
decision making process, wrong decisions etc. Seizing the moment does not
connote taking irrational decisions, it rather means appreciating the fact that
you are faced with an uncommon situation that requires you to be careful to
make the most of that moment. Intentionally refusing to think because you want
to seize the moment is tantamount to living a careless life which of course
will always have a bad outcome.

It is a new week, opportunities abound, try and
make the most of them. Remember opportunities may not always look like one, you
have to be discerning to know them and you really have to be careful not to
allow those opportunities pass you by.

Hope you utilize your opportunities well this
week, have a most fulfilling week!

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