Remember the goal

 A popular adage says “When life gives you lemons
make a lemonade. It is very easy to quote adages when life is literally smooth
for you, when you have not faced real challenges and when everything around you
is going according to your plans. The true test of your application all known
adages is when life really hits you.

Welcome to a new week, we all hope to achieve
the plans we have made for the week including new ones that may come up. It is
natural to weigh your progress on works you have started and remind yourself to
buckle up when you are lagging behind. Achieving “big dreams” starts with
doing the little things you have to do every day, setting goals and achieving
them, knowing when to re
strategize and take a new approach to
solving problems. There is no big win without the small wins. Discipline
yourself to be able to make the small wins and know you are truly poised to
take on bigger projects and consequently make big wins.

Do today what you have to do, do tomorrow what
you have to do, avoid procrastinations. In avoiding procrastinations, you have
defeated one major factor responsible for many unachieved dreams. There are
many unforeseen factors that can thwart a well-made plan, but that shouldn’t deter
you from making necessary adjustments to your plans. Infact in every original
plan you make, always form the habit of making alternative plans in case your
initial plan fails. This helps you better and makes that your project more realizable.
Avoid nay sayers that may make you feel you are doing too much, it is better to do “too much” and have your goals met at the end of the day than do what
others think is acceptable and risk not meeting your goals.

It’s a new week, be practical in your approach
to life. Be prepared for uncertainties and learn to pick up quickly when things
do not go according to your plans.

Have a fulfilling week!

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