A little change

Try something different today, it could be
taking a different route to work, trying a new meal, starting a conversation
with a stranger etc, just do something you would not ordinarily do in your
usual routine. Life can be somewhat boring when it is very predictable.

Living a predictable life is not bad, it helps
one make concrete plans and expect that those plan would go as expected. Sometimes
when a little disruption occurs to some people’s life, it can destroy the
relative peace they enjoy. For these set of people, they would always prefer
the drudgery of doing the same thing every day and following familiar patterns.
Whilst it is not bad to fall into a familiar and predictable pattern, sometimes
it can be the antithesis to growth. Being willing to take risks also entails
leaving your comfort zone, leaving your comfort zone gives you opportunities to
produce extraordinary results. Being too comfortable with familiar environments
denies you the opportunity to explore and enjoy what can be found outside your familiar
zone. That is why no matter how you are allergic to disruption of your usual
pattern, it is good to allow yourself that once in a moment deliberate change
to your lifestyle, choice etc.

There is really no manual to life, live life
the best way you think it should be lived, especially where your choices do not
hurt others. You can choose to live a simple life devoid of surprises, abrupt
changes etc., as long as that makes you happy and keeps you clear-headed. This
write-up seeks to address those that need a little push to change their
monotonous lifestyle. If you belong to this latter category, I hope this write-up
spurs you on to carry out that activity or change in pattern you have always
wanted to do.

Have an exciting week!


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