Time to re-strategize?

Any plan that has any chance of
success must be well thought out. By thought out, I mean well researched, necessary
questions asked, answers received, or where no answers, alternative
arrangements made to balance out the grey areas. All this process must be undertaken
if you want your plans to succeed. Success is a question of what you term it,
where your plans have certain milestones to be reached, you might find that
reaching a particular milestone for you is a big deal, that to you may mean
that you have achieved the success you desire. It may also mean different
things for others depending on the goals that they have set out for themselves.
That is why it is always good to be yourself, you can draw up motivation from
others, your mentors etc, but do not make the mistake of trying to copy anybody.
Your dreams and goals are unique, so stick to them.

One area of concern for most
people while pursuing their dreams or goals is how to know the right time to
change a strategy. It is important to know this because where you do not know
when to change your strategy or go back to your drawing board, you may spend
unnecessary time trying to revamp what needs to be left alone. What this does
is that it triples your delivery time, you waste the resources that you would
have channeled to something more worthwhile. I think it is just okay to follow
your guts. When you have reached a dead-end, where all your efforts following a
particular plan is not producing the desired result, take a time-off, come back
to that plan, when the same thing persist then think of a new strategy. There
is no hard and fast rule to it, just know when to pull out and when to persist.

It is a new month, I wish you
well as you plan to take intentional steps towards achieving your dreams this
quarter. Like I always say, it is not too late to start now, go and review your
strategy, if it is not working change it and try out a new one!

Have a blessed week!


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