Verify it


The day you discover that an
information which you had relied on, worked with and believed to be true for a
long period in your life is false is the same day you should plan to work out
something with your newly found information. First of all, it is important not
to berate yourself too much, treat it as part of the uncertain circumstances
that can happen in life. Secondly, ask yourself whether it is possible to
correct some of the actions you took based on that false information, if you
can, go ahead and do the right thing, if you can’t as in most cases, learn the
lessons and move on with your life.

Information is truly powerful, that’s why the wrong one can be so destructive. Make it a rule to verify every
information, data or facts that you need to rely on to make further decisions. Verification
of facts is very important especially where you are in a work place; knowing
that your failure to do that due diligence may not only cost you something, but
may also cost your organization something bigger should help you to always look
before you leap. Information verification is not just important in our daily
work lives it is equally as important in our personal lives. Some relationships
have been ruined simply because someone failed to give the other a benefit of
doubt, chose to run along with a false information and refused to verify the
authenticity of information they received. The painful consequence of these
action is that many of them can’t be corrected, a lot of damages would have been
done to the people involved, consequences that could have been completely
avoided if only someone decided to pause a bit before acting on a certain
set of information.

It is the last week of the month
and the last in this quarter. I believe it is still a good time to take on new
habits and right all wrong actions already taken especially if there is still an opportunity to correct those steps.

Have a blessed week!   

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