This season

It’s just a few more weeks to the
end of the year, I believe there is a rush to meet up with one deadline or the
other. For some people, it is meeting up with their vacation list and all the
shopping spree associated with this period.

When you are buoyant and able to
finance your needs, you can easily cater for people that are finding it hard to take
care of their families. If you belong to the latter group, do not be carried away by the
rush of this season, it will come and go. If you are careless with your
spending, you will be faced with the consequences of your poor decision soon
enough. Work on getting yourself out of the mud, ignore every distraction and
focus on what really matters. Very soon this whole seasonal rush will pass and the
reality of everyone’s situation will stare them on the face. Get help if you
need one, but don’t go about making this season about you or your difficulties,
you can help someone in need of an advice or something within your power to give.

The holiday season should be for
relaxation and checking in on our loved ones. It is also a time to unwind and
reflect on how the year has been. I believe we should be open minded to
learning new things, retracing our steps if need be and generally taking out
time to figure out how to proceed in the new year. Learning something new could
be improving on a skill we already have or taking on an entirely new endeavor.

In conclusion, do not over task yourself
this season, take things slow and steady, think twice before going on a spending spree and don’t forget to unwind when necessary.

Have a very good and fruitful week.

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