Be good

Some people are in the habit of annoying other
people, they believe that just by a simple sorry, the person or people they
offended should forgive them. I think the habit of expecting the offended to
forgive or forget the wrong they have suffered is expecting too much from an
aggrieved person. Allow them to vent or react the way they deem fit.

People often hide under the popular adage, to
err is human, to forgive is divine, to expect other people to tolerate or
forgive their wrong doings. I understand that someone may unknowingly offend another, though it is desirable to expect the other person to forgive you, if
they do not do so, leave them they may eventually do so at their own time. If
someone offends you for the sake of your sanity, forgive that person, if not
you would become a prisoner of your emotions. Forgiving that person does not
mean forgetting what they did especially if it is a betrayal, it just means you
have to be more circumspect when doing anything with that person.

It’s a brand new day, a new week and a new
month. It is a good time to have some reflections about the way we live our
lives. Have we been so focused on making a living that we have forgotten what
it means to be humane, have we lost our touch of humanity just because life has
been so good to us. Remember there are no guarantees in life, the people you
deliberately maltreat or disparage today, may be in a position where they can
repay those honours tomorrow. Treat people well, irrespective of whether or not
they are in your class. It actually pays to be good.

Show someone a little kindness today.

Have a fruitful week!

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