Discipline-a virtue

long as you are disciplined, you will be able to achieve your goals. Without a
conscious and deliberate effort to do something there is no likelihood that that
endeavor will come to fruition, and this is what discipline is all about, your
ability to shun distractions focusing on your goals and pursuing them not
because they are convenient but rather because you have set your mind to it.

worth doing is worth doing well, so avoid all forms of distractions anytime you
want to get your work done. Are you interested in pursuing a degree, go for it
or a business opportunity, explore it.  Ignore
the side talks and be totally committed to what you have set your mind to do.
Remember you are doing what have committed to do not because it is easy to be
done, but because you have disciplined yourself to do all it takes to get good results.

you read about important people, people that have made a mark in life, you realize
that they are very disciplined. They do more work than you can ever imagine, most
of them are at work when other people are enjoying their night rest. This is
what they have to do to produce the type of results we all see. There is no
magic in life, whatever you seek to achieve has a price, are you willing to pay
that price The human body desires comfort, unfortunately nobody ever achieved
anything in their comfort zone. Your dreams and desires are all within your
reach, the only question is whether you are disciplined enough to make the
required sacrifice to make that dream come true. Come what may, some people can
never be unsuccessful in this life, they have sacrificed too much to be left
with anything other than a successful life. If you desire good results, it’s
time to do what it takes to get that result.

a blessed week

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