The will to continue

Whenever you are trying to stop an old habit, its best to avoid
people who are still indulging in the conduct you are trying to quit. It is
much better to take yourself out of that kind of environment for some time
until you are sure you can no longer be affected by being in that environment.
Another way to stop a habit is to join a community of people who also like you
are trying to stop a habit. The benefits of such community cannot be
over-emphasized; it’s easier because those people understand the difficulties
of trying to stop a habit, one or more person can share what they did or are
currently doing to help them quit a habit which can also be beneficial to the
members of that group.  

Some people find more comfort in relating with a person that has
gone through they are currently passing through, because they believe those
people would understand them better than other people. This belief may not
always be true. This may be one of the reasons why people feel more comfortable
joining communities that share the same objective with what they are seeking
for. Despite the benefits of belonging to a community of people with similar
mind, some people still prefer towing the lone path. They would rather deal
with whatever they are battling with internally than reach out for help. Some
succeed in this, others do not.  This message is for the latter
people, life can be lonely and less desirable to live in when we bottle up our
emotions while going through undesirable circumstances. Reach out to someone (family,
friend, counsellor etc.) or better still join a community of people of like
mind that have survived and conquered what you are going through, this may help
you not to feel all alone in your bad times. I bet it will help you muster the
will to pull through whatever situation you are going through.

Have a fruitful


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